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The Amok Draumr hammock is designed to be used together with an inflatable sleeping pad for ultimate comfort and insulation. Inside the hammock there is a pocket that holds your sleeping pad in place. The pad must be about 78 in x 25 in x 3.5 in - the industry standard known as long wide (LW). This means that you can use Draumr with one of our LW pads, or you can use LW pads from other brands if they have the same size and construction. See further recommendations under.


It is important to consider your use of the hammock when deciding on a sleeping pad. If you camp mostly during summer a basic air filled sleeping pad is perfect, and can be found at affordable pricing. For year round camping we recommended that you use a well insulated sleeping pad.

R-value (putting a number on warmth): Most manufactures of sleeping pads meant for camping provide an R-value. This describes the pad's insulation ability and a higher R-value means better insulation ability. For winter use it is preferable to have an R-value of about 4 and more. For 3-season use in spring, summer and autumn an R-value around 3 will do. For camping in the summer and in warmer climates you can use an air filled mattress without insulation.

Bring a repair kit

Always remember to bring a repair kit in your backpack. Most manufacturers include a repair kit when you purchase a pad.

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